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First session September 28

First Practical Session: September 28.Very glad to start the practical sessions. We did two improvisations. Very contrasting one from the other. The first was a very polite introduction. Then we challenge each other to move out from our main discipline, as a result a very colorful and almost anarchic performance result. The main question that came to my mind after this two experiences is: in the absence of audience and without a previously agreed solution, where is “in” and where is “out” the performative space, or what are the meanings of “in/out”?

“In ancient Greek thought, the temenos is a magic circle, a delimited sacred space within which special rules apply and in which extraordinary events are free to occur”.

I found very difficult to move from the performative role to the personal role during improvising. The solution of a physical space where the play does not happen is a good solution. Is a place to observe, to recover energies, to subtract ourselves from the performative act. Without that space the outside can be generated from an inner attitude: now I am not performing, I am the person who knows you are here but I am not part of the performance. Is that possible? can a body just erase itself from the performance only by free will? In the other hand if we cannot leave the role of performer or the performance itself, when and how to stop? Believe that live is a permanent performance can create difficult social situations of misunderstanding. If is a “trance” or “stasis” or a particular mind state to be in the performance. Can the consciousness really master the decision when to get in or when to leave those mind states? Alejandro

First Practical Session: September 28.

First Practical Session: September 28.

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